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Audi R20: Diesel-hybrid supercar said to arrive 2016!

Audi R20

Latest rumor has it that Audi is working on a diesel-hybrid supercar aka Audi R20.

Now Automobile has chimed in with a deep-dive report on the supercar that has the project name of R20. To demonstrate its connection to Audi’s Le Mans cars and distance itself from the R8, the report claims it will look like “a street-legal LeMans racer,” meaning vertical LED headlights, cameras like the ones you’d find here , “ventilated front and rear wings,” the one out back being adjustable, and a tailfin running from the cockpit to the rear end.

Power would come from a diesel-hybrid setup built around Audi’s twin-turbo V6, with 550 hp from the engine and a further two 75-hp electric motors turning the front wheels. The interior would also go state-of-the-art, with a black-panel instrument cluster, active contour seats, cameras taking the place of mirrors and an old-fashioned four-point harness for that racerly feel.

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