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VW Polo R, VW Polo Cabrio, VW Polo Van, VW Polo Variant, VW Polo Roadster: A close look at the future of the VW Polo

VW Polo R

VW is working hard to introduce new engines as well as new variants of the VW Polo in the next 2 years. We show you what to expect from Wolfsburg.

VW Polo R
First in line will be the long-awaited VW Polo R and it’s coming as early as autumn 2011, so pretty soon. But it will not have a more powerful engine, just the “R looks” and you can combine with already available engines. Instead there will be two new GT engines from mid 2012.

VW Polo Cabrio
The VW Polo Cabrio has not been agreed yet, but is a possible thought .

VW Polo Van
The VW Polo Van was greenlighted already, but discussion has started again, because it’s closely competing with the VW Caddy. If it’s coming, expect to see more in 2013.

VW Polo Variant
VW Polo Variant: VW would need to increase production capabilities to introduce this, but it wouldn’t be the first time to see this variant.

VW Polo Roadster
The VW (Polo) Roadster is a clear go for 2013 and prices around 25.000 Euro. Can’t wait!

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