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Audi sport quattro S1: Flipped by Michele Mouton during Race of Champions!

Audi sport quattro S1

Have a look at this video showing one of our childhood heros, Michele Mouton, flipping the Audi sport quattro S1 onto its roof. A must see!

Hard into a corner, Mouton steered too hard into the curbing and the Audi rally car dug in, flipping over onto its roof. The French rallying great nearly got the car to roll back on to its wheels but it was stopped by a barrier and came to a rest on its roof looking surprisingly undamaged.

Competition in today’s Nation’s Cup was suspended while the crew cleaned up the track and Schumacher awaiting competion looked on from the seat of his car.

Video captures the moment, including Schumacher’s response and an interview with Mouton following the incident. Mouton appears to be wounded only in pride.

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