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Volkswagen: Porsche engineers will be foundation for all sports cars


Street word has it that all future sports cars by the Volkswagen Group will be engineered by Porsche.

Currently, there are two families of erector kits which can be assembled into all kinds of cars at Volkswagen. They have Teutonic names like “Modularer Querbaukasten” (MQB) and “Modularer Längsbaukasten” (MLB). The MQB has the engine “quer,” or transverse (like in most Volkswagen, SEATs, Skodas etc.). The MLB has the engine “längs,” or longitudinal, like in the larger Audis, future Bentleys etc. The quer kit falls under the purview of Wolfsburg, the längs kit is under the guiding hand of Ingolstadt. Everybody thought, Porsche will develop an “MMB” (Modularer Mittelbaukasten) for Mittelmotor (mid-engined) cars, and everybody will be busy and happy.

According to Automobilwoche, there won’t be three kits, there will be one. It’s called MSB (Modularer Standardbaukasten), which is … see you have already figured it out without knowing a word of German. Porsche got the job to design a kit with the parts for anything in the Volkswagen realm.

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