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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Audi A6: US quick reference guide

If you are living in the US then this quick reference of the brand new Audi A6 is a must read for you!
Key Highlights
• Sales: A6 is segment leader in worldwide sales (vs. BMW 5 series and Mercedes E class).
• Design: New front/rear lighting and front bumper/grille design; LED lighting technology for both front DRL and side mirror lighting; new wheel program, and interior accent updates.
• Engines: All-new powertrain: 3.0 TFSI V6 with 300 hp for the USA; A6 is the only car in its class to continue to offer 100% direct injection engines.
• All-wheel drive: newly implemented 40/60 asymmetric rear-biased quattro all-wheel drive on A6 models.
• Suspension/handling: Upgraded suspension for optimizing comfort and dynamic handling.
• Safety: New optional side assist (blind spot detection).

• The A6 sedan and Avant sells over 12,000 units per annum in the USA.
• Key competitors are BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E class.

• New front headlamps with optional LED daytime running lights.
• New foglamp, front bumper, and front grille design
• New rear 2-piece rear LED lighting for the sedan with special night-time optical view similar to A6 Avant.
• Typical Audi interior design is modern and sophisticated, with clear attention to detail, now enhanced with aluminum interior accents.
• New wheel program.
• New aluminum accents on steering wheel and other areas.
• Soft armrests of the doors to increase comfort.

• New 3rd Generation MMI comes to the USA for model year 10 in Fall 2009.
• Instrument cluster uses higher resolution graphics.

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