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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

VW Tiguan: Driving impressions

We found some driving impressions of the VW Tiguan. Read on.
Our first drive of a U.S.-spec Tiguan, a base S, took us high into the Rocky Mountains, where its turbo powerplant made optimum use of the thin air, pulling the 3400-lb sport/ute over 8000-ft passes without a wheeze. The 2.0T is the same engine found in Volkswagen's GTI sport hatch (hence, VW's marketing of the Tiguan as "the GTI of SUVs"), but, because of the Tiguan's weight, the turbo doesn't deliver quite the snappy response it does in the GTI. However, neither does the Tiguan feel anemic. Power delivery is pleasingly linear, with a total absence of turbo lag, and though the performance won't win any Friday night brackets, it will take the Tiguan far beyond legal limits with exquisite composure.

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Source: Motor Trend


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