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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Audi S4: Preview of next generation

AudiWorld has a nice preview of the upcoming Audi S4 and claims this is the real deal. True or not, it's nice to see it! Great car indeed. Even better, they have confirmation that a new 3.0 TFSI with bi-turbo will be used!
Road tests from abroad indicate that the B8 A4 - larger, more refined and chock full of goodies from the rest of the Audi lineup - will hold its own quite well, thank you. North Americans will need to mark their calendars for next fall's availability, however. That said, the S4 variant of the A4 remains a mystery to all since it was not revealed together with the A4 in Frankfurt in September.

Audi wants and needs a strong performance (sales performance that is) from the all important next generation A4. Meanwhile, enthusiasts have been turning to the S4 for many years for performance of a different type: on the road where it counts.

We have confirmed with inside sources that the B8 S4 will debut with a brand new 3.0-liter TFSI bi-turbo producing 330-hp. With this powerplant Audi can nearly match the B7's 340-hp output while providing even better performance figures. Manufacturer published (conservative) 0-60mph drops from 5.4 seconds to very low 5's, while the accompanying combined fuel economy rises from 17 mpg to over 20 mpg.

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Source: AudiWorld


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