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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Audi R8: Engine talk with Dirk Isgen, head of vehicle dynamics

When Audi's head of vehicle dynamics and formerly in charge of technical development Dirk Isgen talks about future engine plans for the Audi R8, you should better listen. Make sure to read!
The obvious answer is that another engine is on the way, and we could start salivating about the possibility of it being a thumping V10; sourced from stablemate Lamborghini. However Audi is not about to confirm that.

But the R8’s former head of technical development, and now head of vehicle dynamics, Dirk Isgen; who is understandably proud of the mid-engine beast can’t bring himself to deny a higher-powered version could be on the way.

“I can’t say we’re not thinking bigger,” he grins.

“There is some investigation going on, but nothing has been definitely decided.”

However his estimation of the car’s potential suggests that the plan all along has been to introduce a bigger engine if the car is a success.

“The car is capable and the engine bay is large enough,” Isgen says.

“There would be no structural changes necessary. And any transmission changes (to cope with bigger wads of torque) would be easy. The gearbox has some potential.”

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