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Monday, July 09, 2007

Audi A5: Abt Sportsline is presenting the Abt AS5

Abt Sportsline is calling their AS5 a "Dynamic Coupe in Perfection" and who are we to complain. The Audi A5 itself is a natural beauty, so Abt's mod is based on some strong genes.
The body kit, especially tailor-made for the Abt AS5, is a spectacular package: a front skirt with a grid element which emphasizes the singel-frame grill and the fog lights, the slightly curved, laterally mounted body parts and the sleek gill-shaped air-inlets, as well as the well-proportioned rear. With the unobtrusive but striking rear spoiler and the rear skirt inset in diffuser optics, the design of the Abt AS5 is gracefully rounded off. The 4-pipe rear muffler is perfectly fitting and additionally recontoures the rear view. Needless to say that the car sounds as a real Abt car should.

Even when standing still, the Abt AS5 is a sensual car, which eagerly wants to be driven. And when it is allowed to go on the road, it shows how much sports spirit it has. First of all, the 3.0 TDI engine gets a significant "power treatment". The extremely powerful, self-igniting engine perfectly fits to the A5 and, in addition, offers moderate consumption values. By means of improved motor management, Abt turns the serial 240 hp (176 kW) into powerful 272 hp (200 kW). With an extra Abt turbo charger, the power even increases to 300 well feeded horses. Diesel and sportiness belong together since long. Certainly, Abt Sportsline will successively modify later developed A5 engines.

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Source: VWvortex


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