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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

VW: Inside the secret laboratory

Great inside view here of the secret laboratory of VW. Come in and have a look!
One is CCS, or Combined Combustion System. Almost identical to a diesel engine, the difference lies in the way fuel and air are mixed 'homogeneously' inside the engine to remove all traces of soot and dramatically reduce the toxic nitrogen oxides that constitute one of the main pollutants in car exhaust fumes. However, for CCS to provide maximum benefit, it needs a new kind of synthetic designer fuel currently under development by VW and others. SynFuel is made from natural gas, while SunFuel is made from plant matter known as biomass, or by processing straw.

Clean as a petrol engine, frugal as a diesel
SunFuel is cleaner than petrol and diesel and is CO2 neutral because the plants it is made from absorbed the greenhouse gas when they were growing. But these new biofuels are in their infancy and VW experts expect it will be 2015 before they go on sale in any quantity.

Another new engine design called GCI, for gasoline compression ignition, combines the fuel economy of a diesel engine with the low emissions of a petrol engine. It works by switching between the spark-plug ignition of a petrol engine for starting and hard acceleration, and the sparkless compression ignition of a diesel when cruising gently.

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Source: Channel 4


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