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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Audi: Germans "at war" in Australia

We first decided not to report on this story, because it was a rather stupid comment by BMW Australia's new boss Mr. Seemann that he doesn't consider Audi as a premium brand, because Audi doesn't offer rear-wheel drive. Heh?

We changed our mind for one reason: the hilarious backfire of Mr. Hoffmann, Audi Australia's head, and well known for his sharp words. The result? This great ad below. Greetings to BMW! And congrats to Audi for fighting back the Vorsprung way.
Click on the picture to see the ad in full size.


Managing director Joerg Hofmann used last week’s launch of the new S3 and TT Roadster to emphasise the fact Audi was easily the nation’s fastest-growing premium brand and to suggest BMW was already discounting its freshly redesigned, volume-selling 3 Series.

"Every manufacturer is reacting to us in different ways – smarter and less smart ways," said Mr Hofmann.

"We are confident and proud of what we are doing. We are relaxed because we know we have a great future ahead of us. But we are never ever arrogant. If you ask ‘what is the difference between Audi and some other brands?’- this is a big difference.

"I don’t want to comment about specific companies. (But) whatever we communicate is based on fact and the fact is that Audi is by far the fastest growing premium brand in Australia," he said.

Audi has recorded an outstanding 41 per cent growth in sales in the first five months of this year – 10 times more than BMW’s 4.1 per cent increase, which of course comes off a sales base that is about double that of Audi. Just ahead of Audi for vehicle sales, Lexus has also robbed market share from BMW this year and its 16 per cent up on its 2006 sales.

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Source: Go Auto


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