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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

VW: Introducing new sedans once Proton deal is finalised

Well, to be honest we are a bit tired of this neverending story with Proton. But to give you the full picture, we of course are reporting that VW is expected to introduce new sedans once the Proton deal is finalised.
One of the first steps that Volkswagen will take once the partnership is finalised is to introduced a new small sedan targetted at the Asia-Pacific region. This type of regionally targetted engineering is something similiar to Toyota’s ASEAN Hiace/Hilux/Innova/Fortuner platform, or Nissan’s Livina Geniss. This new Volkswagen small sedan will be made in Malaysia at Proton’s plant. This will be followed by a bigger sedan to mark the opening of Volkswagen’s Singaporean showroom.

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Source: Paul Tan


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