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Friday, March 16, 2007

Porsche 911 GT2: The ultimate 911!

We've found some spy shots of the upcoming Porsche range. This time they are of the 911 GT2 which is supposed to be the ultimate 911. Enjoy!
Damn. Porsche really has a knack for driving us nuts. While the 996 911 range was growing on us, the 997 showed up to instantly change our minds for the better. The base Carrera was joined by the S with its 3.8L flat-6 adding an additional 40 hp and a lot of grins. Of course, the Turbo came along soon after and blew those models out of the water, instantly becoming our favorite. That is, until the GT3 arrived and made us wonder why we needed all that extra weight or even a turbocharger in the first place. Just as we confirmed our love for the new 997 GT3, Porsche rolled out the RS. We felt conflicted, but seeing two of them in two weeks confirmed that the RS is even hotter than the "regular" GT3. With performance that makes the 997 Turbo look almost pedestrian in comparison, these track-tuned models drop the turbo but also a lot of weight on their way to glory.

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