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Monday, May 08, 2006

Porsche: 911 Turbo vs Carrera GT results!

Carrera GT

On with the results, the majority voted for the Carrera GT as their favourable car. This is mainly because of the fact the Carrera GT is an "exclusive" car. With only 1270 Carrera GTs built, many of the highliners would be willing to pay the £240,000 premium.

I personally believe that when you buy a 911 Turbo, you end up with a 911, but if you buy a Carrera GT, you'll end with a lot more!

Some comments:
“So if you have already paid your 340,000 pounds you can be sure to own a very exclusive car because it won´t be build anymore. If you couldn´t manage to get a 911 Turbo out of the recent production you can get one from the next series.
Yes, 340,000 pounds is a lot. It is a lot more than 100,000 pounds but for that 340,000 pounds you get a lot more car.”
Christian, Germany

“It certainly is. The exclusivity of the Carrera GT's production volume and price is what highline customers are after. Sure, the highline car market is driven by exclusivity more so than the actual quality; not to say that Porsche product lacks quality.”
Luka, USA

“The 911 Turbo is a stupendous effort, but the Carrera GT is work directly from God! As Jeremy Clarkson describes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Carrera GT and I’m sure there are non dissatisfied customers.”
John, USA

“I don’t think that the extra quarter of a million pounds is justified in the Carrera GT. The 911 Turbo auto is actually quicker 0-60 than the Carrera GT. Although I would not complain with a Carrera GT, if I had to buy a Porsche; it’d definitely be the 911 Turbo.”
Nigel, UK

“I am one of the lucky ones who have managed to drive both the Carrera GT and the 911 Turbo (I work for Porsche). Believe me, its like comparing heaven and hell. Just saying ‘Carrera GT and 612bhp’ makes me shiver!”
Juan, Germany

Thank you to all those who sent their views - apologies to those who have not had their opinion published, we were overwhelmed with the response. Do continue sending your views; [email protected]

So to conclude, its apparent the 911 Turbo is a brilliant car, but the Carrera GT is in a league of it's own!
A great tribute to the car, especially as it finished production yesterday.

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