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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lamborghini: Where to get it washed and waxed

Lamborghini Gallardo
The Guardian has an interesting report about a company called Miracle Detail which takes care of luxury cars.
"I'm the best carwasher in the world," says Paul Dalton, lovingly running a rotary polisher over the flanks of a black Porsche 911 GT. "There's a guy in Prague who drives his motor over just so I can work on it. No one knows more about polishing cars than me. I get calls from Singapore."

Dalton, who charges £5,000 for his top-of-the-range "Pinnacle" carwash, started out in Croydon with a sponge and bucket at the age of 13. Now, 17 years later and zooming about in an awfully shiny Merc van laden with exotic cleaning equipment, he is international car washer to the stars, the man the rich and famous turn to whenever their motors start looking, well, a bit like yours or mine. Rod Stewart uses Dalton's services for his £700,000 Ferrari Enzo. That's not the sort of thing you stick through the local garage on a Sunday.

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