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Monday, May 08, 2006

Audi TT: Plays a sporting card

Audi TT
Nice review of the new Audi TT.
No longer is the TT just a Golf clad in appealing clothes; it's
The finished product has more finesse to its design, though many original details remain. (Photo: Audi Canada)
been transformed into a very unique vehicle, which is significantly different from any of its direct siblings. Its structure was designed in a similar way to Audi's Aluminum Space Frame (ASF) cars, the A2 and A8, but is fundamentally different in that the TT's frame is part steel and part aluminum! Sixty-nine percent of this "superstructure" is made of the lighter metal, in order to reduce the overall weight as well as the load over the front wheels. The remaining 31 percent - the components made from steel - are centered over the rear wheels in order to improve the car's weight distribution.

In terms of new and innovative features, the TT bears a host of ride and handling-improving technologies. In its second generation the car makes the leap to speed-sensitive power steering complemented by a four-wheel multi-link suspension. But, the real star of the show is the new TT's optional electro-magnetic damping system. As featured on the super-performance RS4 and a handful of high-end Cadillacs as well, the TT rides on dampers with magnetically charged particles that are suspended in oil-filled dampers.

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Source: myTELUS, picture by Audi


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