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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Audi RS4: Unleashed on Australian soil

Audi RS4
The Audi RS4 finally arrived in Australia.
This remarkable new model bridges the gap between motorsport and everyday motoring and to-date the company has pre-sold 50 units of this quattro GmbH powerhouse - more than the entire allocation of the predecessor model for Australia.

New from the ground up, the RS 4 is the top-of-the-range model in the A4 series, priced at $164,500. This remarkable vehicle is also the company’s first B-segment RS saloon. The predecessor was an Avant-only model.

Combining the latest high-performance technologies offered by quattro GmbH, with numerous technical achievements – many of which hail from motorsport – this luxury, thoroughbred saloon is perfectly suited to everyday driving.

Audi’s managing director, Joerg Hofmann, says the RS 4 is a truly potent vehicle that will excite luxury car buyers with the highest of expectations.

“We first unveiled the RS 4 in Australia well over a year ago at the Melbourne International Motor Show. Since that time, we’ve had a great deal of interest in the car, leading us to establish a waiting list for interested buyers,” Mr Hofmann said.

“So far, we’ve pre-sold 50 vehicles ahead of the market introduction of the RS 4 – sight-unseen, and without test-drives. So impressive is the pedigree of this vehicle, we’ve already outsold our entire production of the previous model RS 4.

“This latest powerhouse is destined to become another icon in the Audi stable, cementing the brand’s reputation as a luxury, performance-car company,” Mr Hofmann added.

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