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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Audi A4 3.2: Awesome Audi!

Audi A4
What's the easiest way to raise your status in the neighbourhood - and in the school-run car park? Get yourself an awesome Audi! Nice review from a woman's perspective.
So this beautiful, sleek, sexy, luxurious Audi rolled up to my gate and immediately my ratings went up in the neighbourhood.

And in the school parking.

As a basic comparison, therefore, climbing into the A4 3.2 was like entering Buckingham Palace after living in an informal settlement.

This magnificent car has come so far since its earlier models, and evolved so much in looks, it’s like chalk and cheese.

It lacks nothing. But before you even delve into all the extras and special touches it offers you as a driver – or passenger – your socks are knocked off by its magnificent drive. Smooth, refined, quiet... and it’s no slouch in the performance stakes, either.

With my daughter urging me to go ever faster, and with the iys quick acceleration, it was hard at times to resist the temptation to loose the horses beneath that beautiful bonnet.

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