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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Audi A3 3.2 S line: Follow-up test

Audi A3
Inside Line made a follow-up test of the Audi A3 3.2 S line in red with the Open Sky roof option, one of our favorite combinations. We do not share their criticism of the Audi A3 being to heavy and slow, especially with this engine. The quattro adds some weight, that's true, but you definitely win more driving pleasure. One-time quattro, always quattro!
Quattro isn't available on base versions of the A3 hatchback, but on the 2006 Audi A3 3.2 it's standard. Same goes for Audi's Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG), another highly revered piece of drivetrain technology. When the A3 debuted there was no way to get both in the same car, but the late-year addition of the A3 3.2 to the lineup not only puts quattro and DSG together, it hooks them to a 250-horsepower V6.

It's the hat trick of technology Audi enthusiasts have been waiting for, especially since you can't get the same setup on the A4 sedan.

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Source: Inside Line


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