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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Porsche Cayman S: For $7250!

Porsche Cayman S
Fancy owning a Porsche Cayman S, how about for just over $7000! Yes that's right, LuxShare are in the process of setting up an Auto club for prestige cars.
Let's face it, in someone else's car you will always treat it differently - so why risk denting your own Porsche!
Imagine a world of luxury, sport, and exotic automobiles at your immediate disposal. Now remove the inconveniences and costs associated with ownership. Welcome to the LuxShare Auto Club, where the only worry you will have is which road to take to your destination.

Owners of super premium motorcars often lack the free time to enjoy these exceptional vehicles, and subsequently their autos are often driven less than one thousand miles per year. The time spent driving is hardly worth the time and expense associated with the costs of repair and maintenance, cosmetic upkeep, insurance, taxes, and the valuable garage space required when the vehicle is not being enjoyed. Add to this the cost of yearly depreciation, the hassles of dead batteries, flat tires, the purchase and the sale of each vehicle, and ownership can be both expensive and time consuming.

LuxShare Auto Club is introducing an experience far beyond ownership. For less than the annual depreciation on the average luxury automobile, members gain access to a spectacular fleet of exotic and luxury motorcars. Members receive renewable yearly allotments of points that are redeemable for use of these exceptional machines at their discretion. Apart from the yearly membership fees, the only additional associated cost is the fuel that is used.

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Source: Luxist


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