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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Porsche Cayman S: Another Review!

"The Australian" have got a really impressive review of the Cayman S. The seem to be quite pleased with Porsche's effort.
A very good read!

Verdict: 4.5/5
Its name may suggest a Caribbean tax haven, but this coupe's appeal will see cashed-up enthusiasts reaching for their wallets, writes Robert Wilson.
IT'S easy to be cynical about the Porsche Cayman S, and Porsche makes it even easier. Forget the official line about it being named after a crocodile, that beast is generally spelt caiman. Before Porsche announced its Boxster-based coupe, Cayman most commonly referred to a group of Caribbean islands notorious as a tax shelter.

A reference close to the average Porsche buyer's heart, you might sarcastically think. And the lip curls further as the eye scans the options list. The test Cayman came in blue metallic paint - for an extra $5990 - a sports steering wheel is $1790 and the sport chrono package - essentially a dash-mounted stopwatch - is $2190. Who needs taxes with options prices like that? The $6000 paint, incidentally, is almost identical to the shade of metallic blue that costs Holden Viva buyers an extra $300.

Outrageous, but does anyone care? Not me. After a week in the Cayman S, options prices faded into insignificance. The question was academic: I wasn't paying and will probably never be in a position to order my own Cayman. But its performance, quality and sheer rightness were real. Even with its many marginal rip-offs the Cayman S is still an outstanding sportscar - and outstanding value. It offers at least as much ability as the Porsche 911 - for nearly $50,000 less.

So stand by for another Porsche paean. I don't much like crocodiles, loathe tax cheats and tried to dislike the Cayman, but nobody with any feeling for how a car should drive can do anything but love this one.

The Cayman S is a new Porsche model between the Boxster roadster and the rear-engined 911 range. It is mid-engined like the Boxster but uses a larger capacity unit. At 3.4-litres the Cayman's flat-six lies between the 3.2-litre engine of a Boxster S and the 3.6-litre motor of the cheapest 911 Carrera. Its 217kW of power puts it between the 206kW of the Boxster S and the 235kW of the 911. And at $148,500 ( options, easily another $15,000) also sits between them in price. Marvellous thing, marketing.

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Source: The Australian, picture from Autoblog.it


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