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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Audi: Multimedia Vorsprung!

Our gadget blog "" has some cool news about Audi!
Besides the already mentioned "New Power" movie ready made for your Sony PSP and Apple iPod, Audi is already known for their very advanced mobile multimedia by delivering ringtones and pictures for your mobile phone and some other great stuff. Now they made the next step.
They are offering you a monthly Audi podcast and several music tracks, called Audi Tracks, to download. The perfect music to listen to while driving your Audi.

You can listen online to the podcast by clicking on "Podcast-Player starten" (only on the German Audi site so far) or by adding the feed to your favorite podcast player, e.g. Apple's iTunes. Special feature of the March issue is racing and especially the 24 hours of LeMans, giving you a lot of background information about it.

The Le Mans 24 hour race: A true highlight in every motor sport aficionados' calendar. The Audi Podcast March 2006 issue features the legendary endurance race and the new Audi R10. The Le Mans Prototype, with over 650 hp and more than 1100 Newton metres of torque, significantly exceeds the power produced by the majority of previous Audi racing cars – including that of its victorious R8 predecessor.

You can also listen to the Audi Tracks online or download the entire Audi Tracks collection. Click on "Online-Player starten" and then on "Alle Tracks" in the top left corner. You can also download a booklet for your CD.

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