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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Audi Q7: Audi's new SUV adds a touch of class

Audi Q7
The driving experiences are still coming in due to the official test drives which are being held right now. Here is another nice one.
Next week finally is our turn. Stay tuned for more!
The Audi Q7 SUV sneaks up on you: its size only really asserts itself when you are right beside it.

Credit this illusion to the flowing, sweeping lines of the body that arc up and sweep down toward the rear, giving the SUV a teardrop look.

Despite its appearance, it is a big SUV — particularly inside — and in this case size does have its advantages. No fewer than 28 seating and loading configurations are possible in the Q7, and Audi claims it has the most legroom in its class.

If both rear-seat rows are folded flat, the luggage area is 2,035 litres. As a five-seater the Q7 still boasts a load capacity of 775 litres, which Audi also claims to be best in its class.

So, how good is this diesel? Its 0-to-100 km/h time is just 1.7 seconds longer than the 350 hp V8, which hit 7.4 seconds on the same scale.

But what's amazing is its fuel economy — almost twice that of the gas engine (it works out to a nice round 1,000 km per tank of diesel fuel or an average consumption of 10.5 L/100 km). This motor is quiet, pulls hard and at idle barely gives away its identity in a whisper of sound.

So, is it coming to Canada? No. Is Audi considering it?

"I get letters every day asking us to bring our diesel products to Canada" says Diego Ramos, executive vice-president of Audi Canada. "And we do listen to our customers."

As for those who still think diesels are dirty, this TDI is equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation system, complies with the strict Euro 4 emissions standard and comes from the factory with a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter.

The downside is its top speed is limited to 216 km/h. Do you care?

Read that? Hope for some diesel news.

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Source: The Toronto Star


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