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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Audi Q7: Adding V6 and premium variants

Audi Q7
Inside Line is late in the game with that news, so our fellow readers already knew that. What's new is the price tag.
Audi executives said the brand's new Q7 premium sport-utility vehicle will reach U.S. dealers in June in two variants: a V8 model priced at $50,620 and a V8 Premium starting at $60,620. Fully equipped, the 2007 Q7 will top out at about $65,000.

Audi will add a lower-priced Q7 V6 model in September, priced from around $40,000, and expects to bring in a turbodiesel variant as well as a gas-electric hybrid in model-year 2008.

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Source: Inside Line


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