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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Audi: Geneva Motor Show preview!

Geneva Motor Show
We found a nice little preview of the Geneva Motor Show and the expected cars from Audi.
Last week Audi released a statement confirming that it would show three world premier automobiles at the Geneva show starting (Press Days) on February 28th.

With so many both substantiated and unofficial upcoming new models in the Audi family, speculation immediately ran rampant about what would actually be shown at what has become a very major European show.

One model, at least, did not seem to be too much of a mystery; Audi had previously shown the allroad quattro concept in Detroit in 2005 and it appeared to be on track for a production model launch in Geneva. It would make perfect sense to see the new allroad in Geneva considering that it is not slated to be sold in North America, but rather remain a European-only model at this point to avoid vulturizing Q7 sales in the all important US SUV market.

So the allroad seemed all but certain thus leaving the rumor mill spinning around what other two vehicles Audi would show. Guesses ranged from the redesigned TT to the S3 to the highly anticipated R8 supercar.

We found ourselves fourtunate enough to be told by trusted sources exactly what would be shown (together with the reminder that that particular information should remain under embargo until later this week). Then a funny thing happened: the "confidential" information appeared on the official Geneva Motor Show website.

Therefore with a clear conscience we can reveal that in addition to the expected allroad quattro debut Audi will also show two new RS 4 variants - the RS 4 Avant and an RS 4 Cabrio.

The Avant, of course, represents the continuation of Audi's reputation as a builder of some of the most sought after ultra-high performance wagons on the planet. The Cabriolet, on the other hand, is something completely new - the highest output soft-top vehicle ever produced by Audi. Expect to see a few features to distinguish it from its sedan and Avant brethren. Unfortunately, like the allroad, Audi has no current plans to bring either the RS 4 Avant or Cabriolet to North America.

In a perfect world we would now be able to share photos with our readers as well, but alas those are still under the dreaded embargo. The good news is that the public reveal is only a few days away. Stay tuned!

Nice guess, and the (what a hell of a machine would that be) seems to be already "confirmed"!.

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Source: AudiWorld, Autoblog.nl


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