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Monday, February 13, 2006

Audi A4 2.0T: Long-term test!

Audi A4
Great results for the Audi A4 in a long-term test done by Inside Line. There are some complaints about the price, but we believe this car is worth every dollar/Euro spent. It was never cheap to drive a premium car.
It's always hard to be critical about something or someone you like. Take our long-term 2005 Audi A4, for example. The staff is virtually unanimous in its praise for the car. Page after page of the logbook is filled with comments like, "Comfortable and supportive seats," "Great gauges," "Quiet interior," and "…strikes the perfect balance of comfort and sportiness." In fact if we could boil down all the comments from more than six months of ownership it might sound something like this; "It just fits." That's a common theme among our editors.

Other positive mentions were made of the aluminum-trimmed interior, perfect driving position, powerful but composed engine and quick turn-in. Mr. Moody even went so far as to say, "The A4 handles as well as I need a car to handle. I'd rather have this than a BMW 3 Series." We know, that's tantamount to blasphemy. The caning begins at noon. Editor in Chief Richard Homan added, "This is a very easy car to drive. It fulfills my expectations without a lot fuss." And that is key to the A4's popularity. It's fun, sporty, and great-looking but doesn't ask for much in return — sort of like the perfect date.

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Source: Inside Line


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