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Monday, January 02, 2006

VW Passat: Is new VW kiddyseat the best yet?

VW Passat
South African "Motoring" is also reporting about the new integrated child seats for the VW Passat.
Has VW come up with the best child-seat yet for its Passat range seven years after the first was introduced to the same car? Going by the detail and pictures, it would seem so.

The unit takes a hugely modified head restraint that slots into the same fixtures as the normal unit and the main section folds completely into the bulk of the rear bench seat when not in use.

VW says it exhibits essential improvements – for example head and lap side support – over any other kind of seat and minimises the relative movement of head to chest during an impact. The load on the child’s sensitive cervical vertebrae is reduced by up to 60 percent.

The side/rear head-restraint is simply fastened to the brackets of the existing standard head restraint with the help of a patented snap-on mechanism, is just as easily removed and maintains the function of the rear side crash bags.

If required the foldable seat surfaces, the so-called "booster" can be raised with a handle on the front of the seat bench until it clicks into place in the raised position.

When the seat is lowered into the main seat the side supports automatically fold into the horizontal out-of-use position to return the rear seat to a configuration that will suit an adult.

The seat is also "active": during a crash the rear section of the raised seat surface automatically sinks in a fraction of a second to prevent the child slipping under the belt – "submarining", as it is called in the trade.

VW Passat


Source: Motoring


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