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Monday, December 19, 2005

Audi A6: Luxury sedan showdown

Audi A6
What happens if you take an Audi A6, an Acura RL, a Lexus GS, a BMW 5-series and an Infiniti M35/M45 for a luxury sedan showdown?
Of course the Audi A6 wins! By far.
The A6 isn't as thrillingly sporty as the BMW or Infiniti, but for the money, it still proves to be the most complete luxury car. While many automakers have been trying to get more "emotion" into their cars' contours (think strange angles and odd headlamp styles), Audi gave the A6 a subtle shape that looks gorgeous. The cabin is equally admirable. Everything looks and feels just right, cementing Audi's reputation for building some of the best interiors in the business. Even Audi's MMI controller is vastly superior to BMW's iDrive. In a nod to practicality, the A6 also has a cavernous trunk, the largest of all those we tested.

The A6 is also, no surprise, a pleasure to drive. It feels sporty on a back road and serene on the highway. Such all-around talent made it both entertaining and coddling on long drives.

The A6 is a top value, with a 255-hp, 3.2-liter front-wheel-drive model starting at $41,540. The 4.2 Quattro starts above $54,000, as it comes with a tremendous 335-hp V-8. The six-cylinder A6 is a smart buy: It will save you several thousand dollars and two to five miles a gallon without sacrificing performance.

The A6 combines progressive design and technology with traditional comforts. It's both sporty and comfortable. In other words, it's the essence of the modern luxury sports sedan.


Source: CNN Money


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