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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

VW Passat: What can happen if you buy the very first one!

VW Passat
Did you ever wanted to chat with the local boss of one of the major global car manufacturers? All you need to do is to buy the very first car shipped to your country.
This is what exactly happened to Jacquelyn Koslowski, who bought the very first VW Passat in the US. And she was called by VW of America's former head Len Hunt.
Koslowski, 52, went to the dealership in July intending to buy a previous-generation Passat on a friend's recommendation. When she expressed an interest in the newly delivered car, it was unwrapped, test driven, purchased and delivered the next day.

Turns out, it was the first new-generation Passat sold in North America.

“I knew it was an early model. So when I got a surprise call from Len Hunt (then VW of America executive vice president), I thought he was going to tell me I was the first person in New England to buy one,” says Koslowski, a country club caterer who traded in a Pontiac Bonneville. “But he said it's more than that.”


Source: Wards Auto


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