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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gumpert Apollo: Serial production started!

Gumpert Apollo
"OVB online" is reporting that the serial production of the Gumpert Apollo has been started. The Gumpert Apollo comes with 650 bhp and is powered by an Audi RS6 engine which got a second turbocharger.

Delivery of the first, and up to 360 km/h fast, cars will still be in 2005. Next year 50 to 60 cars shall be handed over to rich people, because you have to drop 198.000 Euro (base price, excluding tax) on the table.

Already 12 cars have been ordered and partly pre-paid by customers from Germany, France, UK and Switzerland, although Dubai is considered as the main market.

Read more about the Gumpert Apollo at , or .

Gumpert Apollo

Gumpert Apollo


Source: OVB online, pictures by Autobild


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