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Saturday, October 01, 2005

VW Jetta: Review by abc

VW Jetta
abc's Dennis Buterbaugh is reporting on the all-new VW Jetta. They also have a .
In it's advertising....VW says the 2006 Jetta...is the Jetta..only betta...and it really is better.
This is a clean sheet of paper car. the Jetta is bigger than the car it replaces. our test car is equipped with a 2.5 liter...five cylinder engine. It's front wheel drive.

Inside..you can really see the new Jetta is bigger. our test car has the optional leatherette interior...which is basically vinyl. I think the base cloth upholstery is more comfortable and a way to save money.

This car is also equipped with the optional automatic transmission and premium sound system.

VW has some quality control problems with its cars made in Mexico. When we tried to use the fuel door release button...the entire assembly fell into the door panel.

The back seat on the Jetta is roomy. Leg room in back is good even with the driver's seat all the way back.

Back in the trunk there is lots of room compared to some competitors. The Jetta's cargo space is a full 16 cubic feet...very generous.

With typically German excellent handling...the Jetta is a good value. our test car stickers at $24,000. The base price on the 2.5 liter Jetta is only about $20,000.

The new jetta comes standard with side curtain airbags.


Source: abc27, picture by Volkswagen


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