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Sunday, October 02, 2005

VW Eos: Review by CNet

VW Eos
CNet has a review of the VW Eos.
Actively engaged in expanding its already ample model line, the 2007 Volkswagen Eos fills a narrow gap between the Golf and the Passat. The Eos seems designed mostly around its retractable hardtop, with highly visible lines where parts of the roof meet. The technology in the roof is interesting from a mechanical viewpoint: Composed of five pieces, it stows itself away in about 25 seconds. The Eos offers some other interesting options, such as navigation, cornering headlights, and a 600-watt stereo system. Although the Eos was announced with four available gas engines, ranging from 115 horsepower to 250 horsepower, and one diesel engine, it will probably have only the 200-horsepower or the 250-horsepower engine in its U.S. release, which should come in spring 2006.


Source: CNet


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