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Friday, October 14, 2005

Audi TT Shooting Brake: Shock new TT shooting for glory

Audi TT Shooting Brake
Here is the final article in our series today about the Audi TT Shooting Brake.
Your eyes are not deceiving you - this is Audi's daring new TT. Set to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show next week, the striking hatchback's styling proves that cute curves are out and sharp lines are in.

Following in the tracks of BMW's Z4 and 1-Series, Audi's designers have been forced to change tack in order to make waves in the compet-itive sports car market. According to Audi, it's no longer enough to build a machine that follows the crowd - you have to come up with a model which will attract one of its own!

But the biggest surprise is that this three-door version looks set to join the line-up alongside coupé and roadster variants. Called the Shooting Brake Concept, the show car reveals exactly what buyers can look forward to in 2006.
Back in Issue 870, we exposed the production-ready convertible covered only with a light sheet, and the sculpted flanks revealed in those spy shots are clearly visible on the Shooting Brake.

Recreating a car as popular as the TT hasn't been easy, and Audi's new design is sure to divide opinion. The front end is dominated by the firm's now familiar four-sided grille, but this time the gaping air intake is finished with wide chrome bars.

Other big changes come at the rear, where the Shooting Brake has a thick reverse-angle C-pillar and an upright tailgate. When the covers are pulled off in Japan, bosses will be watching closely for public reaction to the third TT bodystyle, but it is far from ruled out as a production possibility.

The TT concept is so close to the final model that bosses are quoting performance figures, with the dash from 0-62mph covered in six seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

While there is no official confirmation of when the production car will be unveiled, it's likely to be on display at next September's Paris Motor Show. The first UK deliveries will be made before the end of 2006.


Source: Autoexpress


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