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Friday, October 14, 2005

Audi: Breaking rules - to drivers' delight

The Post Gazette has a great article about Audi's current line-up. Definitely a must read for all Audi enthusiasts!
Ah, Audi. What would we do without a car company that never, but never follows the rules and invariably wins fans and buyers anyway? A prime example is the TT roadster, a Bauhaus flavored work of art that has inspired any number of knockoffs from other car companies. But few have matched the original -- its next home should be in a museum of art somewhere.

And remember, Audi was offering all-wheel drive long before anyone save perhaps Subaru. And now, years later, guess what feature car buyers are looking for most? All-wheel drive.

Audi does it again in 2006, this time unveiling one of the very first luxury premium compact cars, the Audi A3.

This one's a real risk for Audi, no doubt. Are buyers ready to fork over $30,000- for a relatively small car with tons of luxury and sports features? We'll soon see.

If they do, they are getting one heck of a high performance ride. Top speed on this baby is 130 mph. If you so much as tap the accelerator pedal, you're off to the races in the blink of an eye.

To make it easier to buy an Audi, the company is offering a number of features for "sold orders" only. That means the customer who places an order with the dealer and doesn't mind waiting, can select from a wider range of options and colors.


Source: The Post Gazette, logo by Cartype


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