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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Audi A4 DTM edition: Get off your sofa!

Audi A4 DTM
German magazine "Der Spiegel" has an article about the Audi A4 DTM edition with the title "Get off your sofa!".
They are writing that with the Audi A4 car racing is no longer for couch athletes only, Audi is bringing motorsports from TV to the street.
It's available for your workout for 38.550 Euro.

If you need even more power, then there is the Audi S4 with even more power for 12.000 Euro more.
And if even this is not enough for you, you just need to wait until autumn for the new Audi RS4 with 420 bhp (309 kW) and far over 60.000 Euro.

Source: Spiegel Online (only in German)


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